Calendar event at top of infogram face


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Jun 9, 2004
Clearwater, FL
In the marketing photo of the analog infogram face, there is a calendar event along the outside of the analog face. It's like a 9th complication almost.

My wife had to put her Calendar complication on the top left because she is not getting the next calendar event to appear along the outside of the analog face.

I don't have my S4 yet to test, but I was wondering if it's because she has the digital time in the complication directly below 12 o'clock.

Or is there some other reason the calendar event would show up in the calendar complication only? Removing the calendar complication doesn't make the event appear along the watch face.



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Jun 17, 2013
She’s definitely selecting the calendar complication? The date one is also available, which doesn’t show the next event above it.


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Jan 29, 2008
She had it as the top left complication outside the dial because she wanted to display digital time in the “sub-dial top” complication on the analog face.
You could try adding a world clock in one of the locations which can show you the digital time - I use that on the simple face
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