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    I would like for my iMac (Mavericks) to pop up a reminder for me each day when I need to take some medicine.

    In theory, Calendar should do this fine. It's "event alert/snooze cancel" boxes would be perfect.

    The problem: my Calendar is connected to iCloud. I don't need the alert to show up on my various iOS devices and laptop.

    Additionally: I'd like to hide the event so every day doesn't show it in Week/Month view. Don't really need the screen clutter.

    Is there a way to do this in Calendar?

    Is there a better way to accomplish my goal?

    (I guess I could write up an applescript that could pop an alert each day at the right time...I think I can get a basic Notification center message, though the snooze type would be best)
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    What I would do is use Calendar like you are now, but make a new calendar for just these alerts. In Calendar click the File menu then New Calendar and add the new calendar. Than add your alerts like you want. Now go to the iOS devices and in the Calendar settings on each one UNcheck this new calendar to it does not sync the iOS devices.

    I don't know how you would do this while hiding the events in the OS X Calendar though.
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    App Q&A testing by request.
    Ok..I got it figured out!

    Go into Calendar > Preferences and then on the Account Tab, select iCloud, uncheck "Enable This Account". (picture 1)

    Set up the new Calendar, and then re-enable the iCloud account.

    Then, in the Calendar side panel, uncheck the "show" box, to hide the entries. (picture 2)

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