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  1. sumsh macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2010
    If any of you use IntelliscreenX and also rely on calendar notifications, you've no doubt suffered the same frustration I have: the only visual calendar notification you get with IntelliscreenX is a little bell icon next to the event in your list of calendar events. On non-calendar apps, the notification center is empty until that app sends you a notification. Then, you have a handy reminder sitting there until you dismiss it. However, the calendar ALWAYS appears in the notification center, which is fine because it allows me to check my schedule easily. However, if a calendar event notification happens, there is nothing to alert me to it visually, besides a crappy little bell icon next to the event, which might be down below the screen's field of view because of my all-day events above it, which means I could completely miss the notification if I'm not paying attention. My point is, I can't rely on this kind of notification for calendar events. The way LockInfo does it is perfect, but everything is inferior compared to IntelliscreenX. I've since had to start using a separate reminder program to alert me, but of course, you can't sync those with iCal on your mac. What I would REALLY like is to have some way to enter an event in iCal on my Mac, have it sync to my iPhone, and show me a decent visual alert when that event happens. I've tried other calendar apps, but Apple does not allow them to have event notifications in the notification center. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a solution in Cydia I'm not aware of? Thanks!
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    May 2, 2010
    In ISX Settings, I have Lock Screen Alert Behavior options both set to On.

    What this does is, even if I had ISX pulled down the last time I used the phone, it goes away and only shows new notifications/calendar events since I last unlocked the phone. This notifies me that these are things I haven't addressed since the last unlock. At that point, you can swipe ISX down to ignore them or address them as you see fit.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Not the ideal solution, but it works. Thanks for the suggestion!

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