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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jangell2, Nov 10, 2011.

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    I've got an iMac running Lion and Office 2011. Somehow I seem to have way too many Calendars. It you look at my attachment you will there are two basic categories of calendars. I've got one category called Calendar and one called On My Computer.

    This iMac replaced a pc running office 2010. There I had my outlook calendar and I had created an extra folder into which I copied only those contacts that I wanted on my iPhone. I didn't want all my contacts on my phone. That worked fine. I do not remember creating a separate iPhone calendar.

    In the first category, there are sub-categories called No Category (for appts with no category, I guess and I seldom categorize), Calendar, Home, and iPhone. What are the differences between these?

    When I was setting up my iMac I imported outlook data into ical and then decided I really wanted to use office for the mac.

    What is the different between the first main category, Calendar and the second On My Computer? Which Calendar should I use? Complicating it further is the fact that not all calendar entries are on every calendar. If I choose just one I'll be missing entries, but choosing all gives me duplicate entries.

    It appears if I just check off No Category and Home under Calendar (the first main category) I get the appointments I want with no duplicates.

    Call me confused.

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    The first calendar is probably for Exchange or any iMAP account you have setup on the machine. You should use that one for your events. The ON MY COMPUTER one is just a local calendar that won't sync anywhere.
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    The fact that one is called "... Outlook PST" would indicate that it has been imported from a PST file.
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    Calendar is the local Outlook Calendar. This is a default calendar.

    I have Exchange, IMAP and POP accounts. This shows my calendars


    This image shows an imported .olm file.


    Under the "On My Computer" you have an imported .pst calendar and a recovered calendar. I'm guessing you exported your calendar as .olm file and imported into this Identity.

    When you import a .olm, .rge or .pst calendar, you need to move the items to either the local calendar or Exchange calendar.

    This link shows how to move items from an imported calendar.

    Move calendar items to another calendar after import

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