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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by /dev/toaster, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I am having a hard time find a good calendar replacement for iCal. I need to replace iCal because it is having a very hard time deal with meeting invitations. Some of the members of our team use Windows, and most use OS X. However, its becoming a very serious problem. I can accept most invites, but they cant accept my invites or responses. I also get most invites from mailing lists, which iCal doesn't like at all. (Yes, I am doing the work around)

    What I am looking for is a more full featured calendar that plays well with other calendars. I also need it to be a universal app. Palm Desktop and MS Entourage eat up WAY too much memory over time.

    To put another monkey wrench into it, I need some sort of Palm sync (to my treo 700p) and very good time zone support. I live on the east coast, and work for a company on the west coast. I do everything based on their timezone. (Yes, I start work at 11am EST)

    I have tried DayLite but found 3 big problems with it. 1 is cost, its rather expensive. Although I could get a license from work, I just can't justify paying $190 for an application I will only use for a few months. With Lepoard coming out, everything suggests there will be many calendar advancements.

    The other 2 problems I had with it were timezone support, invites I got started showing wacky times. (Invites from Outlook) The other problem was duplicates. It didn't realize that I already imported and accepted an invite. (If I accidently click on the attachment)

    Any other suggestions ? I really need a solid soultion.
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    Did you check out Now Up-to-Date and Contact? They've been around awhile but they work reasonably well. They're also working on a combined application called Nighthawk, I believe.

    They used to have a PalmOS conduit, so I would expect that they've kept that current.

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