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    As of late my when I create a new calendar event ON MY iPhone the events do not sync to my Entourage on my MBP (using Exchange services for work).

    However, when I create an event in Entrourage they sync to the iPhone no problem.

    email and contacts seem to sync both directions just fine.

    So what needs to be done to have calendar events created on the iPhone sync with Entourage?

    I've tried to delete the account and start fresh to no avail.

    Please help-
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    Apr 8, 2008
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    What you describe is a long-standing problem syncing between Entourage and iCal and iPhone and Entourage. You're not alone. It's both a MS and an Apple problem. Lots of people with the same problem: read

    Supposedly the next update that may do away with Entourage and substitute Outlook will work better. Only time will tell.

    Sync does work fine between Contacts, Address Book and iPhone. it's the Calendar sync that has problems. I can hypothesize potential sources of the problem but the brutal truth is - doesn't work.

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