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    I'm sure there's a simple way to do this but I haven't found it. I like to use Calendars for my Macs. They connect and update my MacPros, MacBookPro, iPad and iPhone. Very handy. But one thing I really need is the ability to delete an event or put a strikethrough line through it and have it archived to a DONE folder. I need to be able to see what has been DONE and when it was done, including any notes I have. Is this possible? Am I asking for too much? Is there a better application for this, that will also sync all Macs?
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    Make another calendar called "Done" and move it to there. That would be the easiest way I guess, but what you're looking for is a task management app. A calendar would be limited for this. What about
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    Reminders is ok. But it’d be great to have an all one stop. I used to have a great Contact Database calendar. It was made for PC but fit one brief moment it was also available for Mac. Act! I loved it. Calendar, notes, scheduling, history and a timer, which I used A LOT. I haven’t been able to find a replacement for it.
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    Does Reminders or Task app sync with Calendars? I have 5 devices that'd be wonderful if they all did this. Mark DONE in Reminders that synced events to Calendar. I just don't want to waste time duplicating inputting events in multiple apps. That's a lot of wasted time.
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    Nope.... but there is an app called Fantastical that will pull the reminders in the Fantastical calendar app so you have calendar and reminders all in one app. It can be configured to show completed reminders like you want also.

    They make an iOS and macOS app. It is not cheap, but will do exactly what you described.
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    This is what I use. Fantastical 2 is awesome but def not cheap - esp if you get the separate Mac & iOS versions. Depends on what you think is worth spending $ on. FWIW, I bought them at release a few years ago and every penny I spent has been worth it.

    Wunderlist is another task manager that you can sync to any calendar.

    EDIT: I guess Microsoft bought out Wunderlist. Oops! I think it's still usable but will likely change to focus on their services.
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    Mar 15, 2008
    Hey @machenryr. Just FYI - Calendars 5 does sync with iOS tasks/reminders. I totally forgot about it but just reinstalled it. It's a good app and might work for you. Though it doesn't have a MacOS counterpart.
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    BusyCal does the same (Reminders and Calendar Events show in different colors). Syncs via iCloud. I've tried both and have come to prefer BusyCal.
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    I was using busy cal on all three devices (iPad, iphone mBP) but switched to fantastical, as it shows past events darkened, so you will not get confused about what's still up. Hope busyCal is getting that feature soon
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    The one thing I do love about BusyCal is that it's the only calendar I've found that will show three full months ahead in the month view. Really helpful for planning.

    I know you can zoom out to year view in a lot of apps, but the detail of month view is a lot more helpful in actually seeing and manipulating events.

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