Call for a "Standard" Battery Test of your MACBOOK PRO 2016

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by EIdoradoSZ, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. EIdoradoSZ, Jan 3, 2017
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    Talk about the 2016 MacBook Pro 2016's battery life is kind of an objective point of view in real life usage if there isn’t some standard to follow. I personly run my test followed by this test method, got my battery life is 5:36 before it's dying out.

    I think that anyone who does suffering short battery life, or cannot decide which model to choose if battery life really matters to you (except other factors), or simply not sure if you got a faulty battery of your 2016 MBP, should do at least one or two rounds of test follow the same rule similar to the Apple’s claim. And share your test result for self-comparison and for other's reference.

    Here is the rough procedure about the battery test:

    Update OS X to latest 10.12.2->download two 1080p (HD) videos in your latest iTunes->build a playlist of the two videos->uncheck auto brightness, and turn your brightness to 75% by 12 clicks->turn keyboard light to 75% by 12 clicks->volume to 50%->uncheck “enable power nap”&”put hard disk to sleep” in system preference-energy saver->charging up to 100%->reboot->press shift key after input login pass and then login Macbook pro->open iTunes->play the video playlist built before in repeat play mode->unplug the power cord->run Mr stopwatch or any other time recorder app to begin the battery test. Be patient and do not interfere with your Mac while the procedure of the test. You could do it before going to bed. When the Mac dies out, reboot it and Mr stopwatch will show the last time record when the Mac shut down.

    Apps and video this battery test setup use:

    The original MBP w/touch bar battery test video guide:
    Mr stopwatch:
    Video 1 (free):
    Video 2 (free):
    iStat Menus(option, to check the temperature, battery remaining, etc):

    Then post your result:
    model: MacBook Pro 2016 13/15 inch, nTB/TB, (standard model or configuration in detail )
    battery test result: hh:mm
    result screen shots:

    My result:
    model: MacBook Pro 2016 13 Inch, TB, Standard Model
    battery test result: 05:36

    Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 07.46.37-mbp tb battery test result.png Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 07.54.05-mbp tb battery test result-1080p.png

    I’m considering returning mine and wish to be more confirmed before do that.
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    Is this really a "real life scenario" test though? Watching a 1080p movie the entire time at 75% brightness - which is pretty damn bright?

    If you can get 5:36 hours doing that then I suspect you will be getting a lot longer than that during normal usage...
  3. EIdoradoSZ, Jan 3, 2017
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    It's definitely not a real life scenario, just for a standard battery test according to Apple's claim, instead of everyone posts their experience about battery life in objective terms like minor, normal, light using. I have done the same test for both my MacBook pro 13 TB and the MacBook 12 early 2016 side by side, the MacBook got 10:30, which I could say the Macbook 12 2016 battery life is surpassed the 2016 Macbook pro a lot based on the same circumstances, right?

    FYI, this test is based on playing videos locally, if I play youtube videos in auto play mode, it's got even fewer play hours, typically around about 4 hours.

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