Resolved Call of Duty 8 vs Battlefield 3

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by oolone, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Those who like complex operation of the players no longer find, "call of duty series is this kind of game winner. Any a FPS games of the old players will tell you that the reaction and operation is FPS games the two essential ring festival. The modern war "series in the two did very in place, we in the former several works also can see out. Of course, there are many players for battlefield 3 "compared to the control, but for one to two games are not very fanatic ordinary players, battlefield 3" operation is still want to complex and weird some. You can see very good a series of scene.Frame rate is more inportant one. So I think The Call of Duty 8 can win The Battlefield 3.

    And you how about you feelling.Speak Freely
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    I hope your trolling with this nonsence post because if your not I just lost a little more faith in humanity.
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    what are you on about? i mean i get its got something to do with battlefield and MW3 but seriously what the hell?
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