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    I'm the Dev of Call Of Duty - Ultimate Guide for iPhone and iPod Touch. Call Of Duty - Ultimate Guide is everything to do with COD with Images, Videos and Info about COD 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

    Here is the description:

    - Call Of Duty 3.
    - Weapons and Perks Section for EVERY Call Of Duty.

    'Call Of Duty - Ultimate Guide' is the most comprehensive guide to everything COD in the App Store. This App will tell you everything you need to know about the Call Of Duty series. This App is a MUST HAVE!!

    The App is divided up into the different Call Of Dutys.

    COD 3 - (Will be added in Next Update)
    COD 4 - Modern Warfare
    COD 5 - World At War
    COD 6 - Modern Warfare 2
    COD 7 - Black Ops
    COD 8 - Modern Warfare 3

    In each section there are Images, Videos, Info and Soon to be Weapons and Perks which give the best experience of Call Of Duty. In the 'Modern Warfare 3' section there is a countdown to when it is due to be released.

    All Images and Info are self-contained in the Application however Videos do require a internet connection.

    If you have 2 mins please check out the App Here, all feedback is appreciated and if you like it why not download it?!

    Also I'm currently going to be giving away promo codes for Call Of Duty - Ultimate Guide, check out this thread.

    Thanks and Have A Great Day!
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    The App was just selected for 'New & Noteworthy' in the Reference category :D LINK

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