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    Have you ever been in a situation when you are listening to music on your Mac and you just don't hear that your phone is ringing nearby? Callify app solves problem of missed calls.

    Callify app gives your Mac an ability to receive calls right from the desktop.


    Receive notifications
    Once you'll get a call on your phone, you'll momentary receive a delicate notification on your Mac with caller's name and his photo.

    Manage calls
    In the received notification you can answer, decline or ignore incoming call. Just as you do it on your phone, but right on the screen of your Mac.

    After answering the call, you can talk right from your Mac. For the call you can use built-in microphone or a connectable headset.

    Callify app is coming soon on the Mac App Store.

    In the nearest feature we will send out a limited bunch of promo codes for free download to our site subscribers.
    To get a free promo code you need:
    1. Subscribe on our site:
    2. Share the link on Twitter or Facebook by clicking corresponding icon on the site at the top.
    3. PM us with email you've used to subscribe and a link to the post you've made.

    Stay tuned! Thanks.
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    When are you going to release the app? Will it work with my Galaxy S4?
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    It says your not allowed to recieve PM or have choose not too ?
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