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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pauly800, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Dec 7, 2014
    I have an iphone 4s unlocked. I previously was in canada and called the usa using my goolge voice on my laptop and it worked calling the usa. When i got back to usa, i got a google voice number and then noticed as long as i have wifi or data on... i can call and receive calls to my google voice number

    When i went to mexico, i still used my google hangouts on my iphone and on gmail and it worked calling the USA. Recently however, i uninstalled hangouts on iphone because it had some problems then installed it again. When i try to make calls from google hangouts to usa number, it will say it cost 1 cent a minute. Is this b/c they see im actually in mexico and not usa/canada now? I assume this was b/c i uninstall and installed hangouts which is probably why they noticed? Earlier i had no issues at all. Or did something change with google hangouts?

    However... it does seem i could make calls from google hangouts on laptop to usa number .... however... it doesn't work anymore. Back then it always worked even in mexico. Can someone give me advice on why i can't use google hangouts anymore? right before i call on laptop, says call to usa and canada are free. But im guessing they notice im in mexico now? I have no clue.

    What are other alternatives to calling to the usa? Would it work if i pay and get google voice credit? Thus $10 and its 1 cent a minute? Or would that not work either? Or should i get skype? Skype seems more expensive as pay as you go is 1.7 cent a minute plus a connection fee for 3.5 cents each time or so. The only good thing would be get unlimited skype and pay 5 dollars a month or so but does this include receiving calls as well?

    Is there any alternative to call free from Mexico to usa? I guess when google hangout worked, i thought great b/c its free so i would talk a lot on it back to the usa. Also i would be calling a voip number back in the usa or mobile. Thus i know if other person use skype etc, then its free since skype to skype.
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    Dec 7, 2014
    Someone else posted this....

    Like you, I'm going to guess it's from uninstalling and reinstalling Hangouts. Now it thinks you're a Mexican user rather than a traveling American/Canadian user. When I went to Mexico, my Hangouts worked fine.

    You can try downloading the Vonage app. To my knowledge they don't advertise free US calling anymore, but despite uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I still get free US calls (not sure about Canada). Perhaps give it a try to see if it offers the same to you?

    Thoughts? Could uninstall and reinstalling it have caused this?

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