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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by linkgx1, May 27, 2015.

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    Is it possible to not be near my phone if I'm on larger range wifi network? My university has campus wide wifi. I'm wondering if I can leave my phone in my dorm but run with just my watch and still get calls. My phone already knows the network, but I'm not sure if calls and texting still work not being in the bluetooth range of the phone.
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    May 11, 2015
    Depends on how the network is setup. In the case of a university campus I would doubt it. Good practices would include segmenting the network into many smaller subnets. Your watch and iPhone have to be on the same "subnet" and be able to send packets directly to each other without having to use a router.
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    Yeah I work at a university and hardly anything works over the WiFi network. For instance, apps like AirDisplay that let you setup a secondary display on your iPad wirelessly. That's why Duet was my savior with it's corded, high quality solution. I doubt I'll even be able to get calls on my Apple Watch if I leave my phone in my office and go down the hall to chat with some coworkers that are probably just out of BT range.
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    Does the Apple watch connect to the phone via wifi? I thought is was just bluetooth.
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    When the phone is out of BT range, the watch will automatically try to connect the phone via the Wi-Fi network.

    And it works really well in a large house with good Wi-Fi network coverage. The user can leave their phone on the charger and just carry the watch around the house but still get all the notifications, phone call, messages, etc.

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