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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Backlitfx, Aug 21, 2011.

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    I use my Panasonic gs-pv12 to record directly to my macbook pro through the firewire port. As I am due for an upgrade on the camcorder, I was wondering how modern non minidv camcorders record onto the computer. I use iMovie to record from it and it only lets me use the firewire from it. How would I do it if i bought a non firewire camcorder?
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    Jun 24, 2009
    USB is what most use now.
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    Typically consumer HD camcorders use the AVCHD codec and record onto SDHC (or SDXC) memory cards and have a USB port. You can import clips from the camcorder either by connecting it via USB (slower option) or by plugging the memory card directly to the card reader in your MacBook Pro (if your model has a card reader). The easiest way to have your clips show up in iMovie is to open iMovie first, then connecting the camcorder by either aforementioned option, as iMovie will then recognize the camcorder and bring up a dialog where you can select the clips you want to import. With these newer camcorders you no longer have to record footage in realtime.

    If you can get hold of a Canon HF M400, that's a very good HD camcorder for a reasonable price. You get solid picture quality and it works just fine with Macs. I personally have since moved onto DSLR cameras, as the picture quality in videos is exceptionally good compared to consumer level HD camcorders, so keep this in mind if you can (a Canon T2i can work wonders and costs roughly the same as a good camcorder).
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    Hi, thanks for the help but I meant that I record directly onto imovie through the firewire cable, I dont record on the camera then import it to there. My camera doesnt let me record through usb directly onto my mac, So I was wonder if modern ones did, or what my options are. I have a Dslr, I just made the mistake of not choosing one that records video. Thanks in advance
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    unfortunately almost all modern USB camcorders will not let you record straight into iMovie, you have to record it onto a memory card and then import the footage. If you really want that feature your best bet would be an HD miniDV camcorder or an HD webcam.

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