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  1. Advance The Man macrumors 6502

    Apr 6, 2005
    < than $1050 for a mom and dad who want above all else for it to be simple! I would rather have simplicity over video quality. We'll be using it for family only. Just bought a 17" PB, I'll have 2gb ram at the end of the week, 128mb VRAM. iMovie HD is on my new Apple, I'm assuming you don't have to have HD for editing? I've never used any editing software. In fact our current video camera just bit the dust (finally!), it was an analog with the small video tape. With the installed superdrive how much video time can we record onto a dvd?
  2. Nuc macrumors 6502a


    Jan 20, 2003
    Sony is simple to use.

    I have been looking at the Sony DCR-HC90. It is supposed to have great quality and like most sony's they are simple to use. Here is a link that will give a better explanation. The full review isn't out yet however it should be soon. Also check out the rest of the website, they have a lot off reviews for different brand camcorders.

    Happy shopping.


    P.S. you can find it cheaper than $1000. And never sacrifice quality for simplicity! You will regret it if you do. You should be able to find something that will have the best of both worlds.
  3. jimsowden macrumors 68000


    Sep 6, 2003
    If you're looking for HD then this is the way to go. But since you're looking for under 1050, and that camera is the anthesis of simple, I reccomend the
    Canon zr100
    For $320 you won't find a simpler camera with as good a picture. Plus it's simple!

    PS-this has psuedo 16x9, so you can use the wide-format of iMovie HD to edit your SD DV and still feel cool and high tech.
  4. Metatron macrumors 6502


    Jul 2, 2002

    I have to disagree....even though it is much more expensive then what you are looking for...if you are going HD.....then this is the only way to go.

    The real deal...
  5. jimsowden macrumors 68000


    Sep 6, 2003
    Well, neither are even an option for him obviously. If i had a choice, I would def go with the HVX200, but movie making isn't about the camera you know...
  6. Advance The Man thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 6, 2005
    Not expecting to afford HD with my $1050 limit. Looking for a simple, good quality camcorder that is easy to transfer to the Powerbook. I'm assuming software included with the PB will suffice for editing.
  7. ibookconvert macrumors newbie

    Apr 17, 2005
    Sony DCR-HC42

    I just ordered this one:

    I haven't gotten it yet, but I played with it for a while, and it's got a great form factor, and the HC series have an "Easy" Button (no kidding) that basically puts it into total automatic mode.

    Also comes with a dock so you can leave the cables hooked up to either your computer or tv making either viewing or transferring easy.

    We'll see how this little fella performs in another week or so.

  8. LethalWolfe macrumors G3


    Jan 11, 2002
    Los Angeles
    I haven't been paying too much attention to consumer cameras recently so my only piece of advice is stay away from Sony's MicroMV format and from anything that records directly to a DVD. Stick w/MiniDV cameras.

    If you use the search function I'm sure you'll find a dozen or so relatively recent threads about consumer cameras. :)

  9. Balin64 macrumors 6502a


    Jul 23, 2002
    In a Mauve Dream
    I also second the Canon ZR series

    You can even be well served by picking up a second-hand ZR40 or ZR50. The Canon DV cams are excellent: just make sure you play with the exposure modes. If you want to have natural-looking video these cameras will do it, but they are not like a point-shoot digi cam: you have to be mindful of shutter speeds and apertures. Good Luck!
  10. Artful Dodger macrumors 68020

    Artful Dodger

    May 28, 2004
    In a false sense of reality...My Mind!
    Hello, I bought a JVC GR-DX97 ($425) and I really like it over the ZR Canons as I have used Canons in the past. It takes a nice pic. in a room with low light and gets a good pic. outside as well.
  11. sigamy macrumors 65816

    Mar 7, 2003
    NJ USA
    You don't not need an HD cam for iMovie HD. Any quality MiniDV cam should work fine.

    In my exerience, the Canon ZR series are terrible in normal household lighting. If you are going to be taking video of kids' birthdays, holiday mornings, etc I would not recommend a low-end Canon. The ZRs do take very nice video outdoors but indoors they are bad. The Canon Opturas are better.

    When you are trying to get a quick shot of the baby doing something funny you don't have a lot of time to turn on lights or add light. Trust me.

    The Sony cams are much better at low light shooting (normal indoor lighting). Sony's can do point and shoot but they now use a touchscreen for the menu system and many people do not like this setup.

    Panasonic has made some great cams the past 2 years. The recently released GS250 looks like one of the best sub $1000 cams out there with 3CCD and optical image stabilization and a good 16:9 mode.

    I own the Panny GS400 and it takes truely incredible video. It is widely viewed as the best consumer cam out there. There may be an update to it soon but it will probably be around $1300.

    I'd give a real good look to the Panny GS250.

    Some tips:
    Do not buy MicroMV or a DVD-based cam. You will not be able to edit these easily in iMovie. Optical image stablization is better than electronic or digital image stabilzation. Don't be swayed by large pixel counts--this is actually not a good thing. Don't be wowed by large zooms. Ignore digital zoom completely it is useless. Check the location of the mic. See if the cam records noises from the tape mechanism.

    Good luck.
  12. yellow Moderator emeritus


    Oct 21, 2003
    Portland, OR
    My wife and I got a Sony TRV-22 in October of 2003. We love it. It's super easy to use and I've made some pretty solid DVDs (using iMovie 3/4 and iDVD 3/4). Since it's on the older side now, you should be able to get it fairly inexpensively.
  13. sigamy macrumors 65816

    Mar 7, 2003
    NJ USA
    Sony TRV22 is a very good camcorder. It has a nice large 1/4" CCD.

    The newer Sonys (HC20/HC30/HC40) dropped the CCD down to 1/6", which leads to poor low light performance.

    I owned the TRV22 until I ugraded to the GS400. I love the GS400 but I do miss the small size of the TRV22.
  14. evilernie macrumors 6502


    Jan 6, 2005

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but does anyone have experience with the Panasonic GS150? I'm looking for a good general purpose (ie kids/pets/vacations etc.) camcorder, but I don't want a piece of junk. I like the sound of the GS250 but it's probably overkill for my needs.
  15. sigamy macrumors 65816

    Mar 7, 2003
    NJ USA
  16. rjphoto macrumors 6502a


    Mar 7, 2005

    I purchased an HC30 for a back-up. I ended up having to use it in a wedding as the balcony camera. The main reason I bought it was becasue it had a Microphone jack. To my surprise it didn't have a headphone can you monitor your Mic without headphones?

    I was able to exchange it the next week for an open box TRV22 that has both Mic & headphone jacks.

    So far it has worked well for me. It has a good picture in many different lighting situations. Easy to use and works well with iMovie and FCP. (My 15 year old son took it on a helicopter ride and shot some nice stuff.)

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