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Mar 9, 2011
As a blogger, I'm really interested in getting something for my phone to enhance photography. However, there aren't many around that are iPhone 5 compatible. In fact, the only ones I can think of are the Izzi Orbit/Solo and Gizmon. The first one looks really clunky (especially the Orbit) and the Gizmon doesn't have much selection for the 5 yet (and it's impossible to get hold of company reps). I've also heard of the 3rdI, but they're apparently only in prototype mode, and only available for the 4/4S.

Anyone have suggestions?


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Feb 14, 2010
Northern Virginia
When I had my iPhone 4S I used the Olloclip, a 3-in-1 lens attachment. It comes with three different types of lenses, wide-angle, fisheye, and macro. All of them worked flawlessly, especially the wide-angle. Worth the $70 price tag.

They currently don't have an Olloclip built for the iPhone 5, but one is in the works and will be available sometime in 2012, hopefully soon!

One downside of the Olloclip is that you can't use it with a case on (kind of obvious), nor can you have a thick screen protector. It does work with some screen protectors on, but mostly the thin ones.

Google "Olloclip", check it out for yourself. I plan on ordering one for my iPhone 5 as soon as it's available. :D


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May 31, 2007
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I'd like to see a camera connection kit for the iPhone. There was one for the old iPod Classics, but they never released one for the phone, just iPad.

Sometimes my digital camera is full of photos I'd love to share with people using my phone's internet connection, but I can't because of the lack of this product!

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Apr 5, 2010
Anyone find anything for this yet? I'd love to get a macro and fisheye lens for my 5, but it seems like all the accessories are for the 4/4s and are magnetic, which, as i've been told, don't work on the 5.

I may get the new Olloclip when it's released, but I use a case and i'd rather not have to take my case off just to take a photo.

Thanks! :)


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Sep 19, 2012
Phocus Lens/Body System

Brief Description:

The Phocus iPhone lens kits improve quality and functionality by providing the best range of features.

Simple slide installation makes it quick to go from phone to camera
Improves iPhone stability
Allows for iPhone tripod and monopod mounting
Use wide-angle and macro lenses on your iPhone
Shoe mount for lights, microphones, and other effects
Access all iPhone buttons and ports
Maintains ability to send and receive data, text, gps, bluetooth, and cellular signals
Easy to use, lightweight, durable.

When it arrives, I'll review it on
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