Camera app can take pictures/video in multitasking view

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by betabeta, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. betabeta macrumors 6502a

    Jun 28, 2013
    I happen to hit the volume up button while scrolling through the apps and I heard the picture taking sound and yup it took a picture and I wasn't even looking at it or using it.

    So it only happens if you double click the home button while your in the camera app, and of course the image in multitasking stays live, and I knew this, but if you hit the volume button it takes a picture too, that I didn't know.

    Recording video works this way as well, if you have video selected, double click and then use the volume button it will start recording, or if your actively recording and double click the home button it keeps recording.

    I guess you can record and someone could look at your screen and it would appear you were not recording, outside of that I just found it interesting.
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    Oct 3, 2012
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