Camera app crashed, can I recover the video?

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    Hey guys,

    I shot some great video of Rhianna's live performance in Times Square on my iPhone 4 about 2 hours ago, but when I went to click the button to stop recording, the whole phone froze. I didn't restart it, I just put the phone in my pocket, hoping that it was just stuck and would recover, save the video, and I'd live happily ever after.

    When I got back upstairs to my office, I pulled my iPhone back out, and it was working normally, but when I checked the Camera Roll, the video wasn't there. Does anyone know if the video would have been deleted during the crash? Or is there some potentially repairable corrupt file somewhere in the file system of the phone? I downloaded iPhone Explorer but don't really know where to look other than in the DCIM folder.

    I think the phone was near it's maximum capacity, so I'm thinking that was the problem.

    Am I out of luck?

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    May 24, 2009
    unfortunately, i don't think this one seems recoverable. maybe take another video and see where it saves to in the explorer and see if the other exists. But it seems like it didn't end up writing it to disk from some possible temporary buffer.

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