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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by stor, Jun 7, 2010.

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    The first time I saw the Camera Kit I believe it can do many many things, just like a USB tunnel to a new world. I will collect all functions of the kit here for your reference.

    official functions:
    1. put your SD card into the kit and connect to iPad, photos app will start and let you to choose photos to import. you can have an option to delete imported photos from SD card after import
    2. use USB cable to connect your camera to the USB kit, and connect to iPad. the rest process is similar to SD card import

    functions we found:
    1. connect USB keyboard to the kit and then attach to iPad, the keyboard will work. many people already tested with wired keyboard. I tested with my wireless Rapoo 1800 (which has a USB receiver) and it also works
    2. USB mass storage: you can connect your USB storage to USB kit and attach to iPad and mount it. someone also tested removable HDD and it works if you have external power supply for it
    3. SD card as mass storage: if you put SD card into the kit and connect to iPad, it will be mount to /var/mnt/mount1 after you close the Photos app it will be unmounted. if you just background the Photos app, it will continue be mounted and you can operate use iFile to use it as a mass storage...

    I will continue add new findings to this thread...
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    I could be particularly unkind and suggest that whilst you look for the search function you could also fix up the title to avoid the gramattical clanger.

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