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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by pk314, Jun 25, 2014.

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    May 18, 2014

    My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and i know she is really into photography as a hobby but nothing to professional. I wanted to get her a point and shoot camera because DLSRs are way out of my budget. Now I know absolutely nothing about cameras and photography, so I was wondering what are some good cameras for under $200?

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    If she is used to looking through an eyepiece on a camera, you need to figure out if she would prefer a point and shoot with an eyepiece or one of the models of cameras that you only look at the LCD on the back of the camera to see the image of the lens.

    If I was in your position, if she already has a camera, she might enjoy a gift that is an addition to her camera set up. There are plenty of impressive accessories ranging from all sorts of camera bags that include messenger style to flashes and sturdy but lightweight tripods.

    Also, there are some applications you might consider -
    various plug-ins for above etc.
    Just be sure you know what she uses now and wants.
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    If she is already into photography as a hobby, do you know what she is using currently? Possibly a new camera is not the best choice. An accessory that works with her current setup might be a better choice, and you might get more 'bang for your buck,' so to speak, if you're on a limited budget.
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    might not seem the best but instead of buying a camera....

    take her out to a store and let her decide. the price might be hard to swallow if she heads to the bigger cameras.

    But a camera is something nice to pick-up and feel and be comfortable with.
    now, you could get her a small bag/case from somewhere and say a camera she likes will go in there. if the camera she chooses doesn't fit, you can swap out a camera bag easier.

    Or buy some SD cards and a Shutterfly gift card to have something to give her and then take her to a store to feel the cameras.
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    I appreciate the desire to buy surprise gifts that are "perfect," in the sense that they reflect an understanding of the receiver's personality, interests, etc. It shows you really care and are attentive.

    Buying photography gear for someone, especially when you "know absolutely nothing about cameras and photography" is generally a bad idea. Cameras, lenses, and various accessories are all tools, nothing more. Whether it is a camera question, lens question, flash question, bag question or whatever, the *right* answer is often subjective and depends on the photographer and can't be anticipated by anyone else.

    My wife has bought me countless photography gifts over the years (especially early in our marriage). Someone in a store told her it would be "great." I have never used any of them. I sincerely appreciate the thought behind them and I am always appreciative, but none of these "random" photography gifts addressed problems that needed solving or were practical for my needs. I drop hints now if there is something that I want/need :)

    Probably a better idea for your girlfriend to be the one to choose her next camera or accessories, not you. She will have a better sense of the camera she needs/wants and may have strong opinions when it comes to things like bags.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    i agree with kallisti. There is too much to go wrong there.
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    You must have seen what she takes pictures of (besides you...:eek: ).

    And you probably know what she likes to look at in terms of other's photos.

    This info would give us a better chance at making a good recommendation.

    For example, if it's travel and wildlife, then a Point & Shoot superzoom would be the bomb.

    If she's really into sharing on social media, then lean towards something that has good wifi connections, and direct uploads.

    If she likes portraiture and is leaning toward studio stuff, maybe a recommendation oriented to that.

    And buy at a place with a great return policy so she can bail you out by returning it if it doesn't work out.
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    The trick to buying ANY new photo gear is to identify a problem. There must be something that she wants to do, or do better. Then you get the equipment that fixes the problem.

    I assume she must have a camera already. What is the problem with it? Why would you replace it? Maybe there are good resins but you can't buy a replacement until you list the problems you are fixing otherwise you end up getting a camera with the same problems
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    First-gen Nikon V1 (see #2) - nothing to write home about except for the excellent AF speed. However, has great value after all those rebates.

    Sony NEX 3 / 3N or Alpha 3000 - not very good kit lens (16-50 or 18-55) but, otherwise, excellent body IQ for the price. Just don't expect any really good lens for cheap, not even for moderate money...

    Fujifilm X-A1 (with the recent rebates, it can approach the $200 with the 16-50 lens) - excellent IQ and kit lens; slow AF, don't use it for action shooting

    I'd personally go for the latter (the A1) as she is very much interested in photography and, therefore, the limitations of for example the Sony system (compared to the Fuji kit lens, cr@ppy kit lens and no generic (non-narrow) high-IQ lens for under $500) would be pretty disappointing for her.

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