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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by scotty588, Dec 3, 2014.

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    I updated to 8.1.1 yesterday and re-jailbroke my iPhone 6. I noticed the ~1200 photos I have are all in the wrong order. Recent ones are towards the top middle and basically everything is not in the order I took them. I would like to have it so the most recent ones are back at the bottom. The Photos tab shows them correctly and groups events and dates. Even when I take a new picture they show up correctly at the end of camera roll.

    Tried multiple things to fix this. I deleted the 3 sqlite db files (photos.sqlite, photos.sqlite-shm, photos.sqlite-wal), rebooted and let them re-generate and same problem. Someone even suggested moving all photos/videos to the DCIM/100APPLE folder, deleted sqlite files again and rebooted, didn't work.

    I did restore a backup through iTunes once I updated to 8.1.1. I know most people recommend a setup as a new phone for a clean profile. Couple questions about this though. How do you get all your data back such as txts, apps, app data/preferences, photos, contacts etc? I can't backup all of this to iCloud since there's not enough space without purchasing a plan. I usually just do a full backup through iTunes and restore since this seems easiest. Although I've been doing this since the first iPhone so I know there's a lot of junk accumulated.
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    Would like to know the proper way to do this also, when coming from a prior jailbreak.
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    I stopped setting up a phone as new for jb's years ago, not sure it's needed
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    I setup as a new iPhone too, but before I restore I copy the files directly to my laptop from the var/Mobile/Library and var/Mobile/Media folders then after the restore just drop them with the fresh restore.

    My camera roll is scrambled up a bit too. I just got used to the new order after a week or 2.

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