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    Dec 25, 2006
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    Lo all, I bought a fuji s5600 about a month ago, only really bought it so I could take pics of me and my mates when were out mountain biking, and I've got to say I was quite impressed with the results I got:

    Anyways I had some problems with it so I got a refund. I was intending to replce it with a s9600, was going to get it today, when I got paid, but I got paid a lot more than I presumed I would :) , so now I can afford what I really want, an slr of some description. Anyways I'm looking at either an olympus e500 for about £280, marked as 'opened box' but with a possiblity of scratches on the body, or a canon eos 350d for £320 with a 2gb cf card (refurb) or a brand new nikon d40 for £320ish. I'm swinging towards the d40 as a mate has one and I know it takes really good pics, but its pushing my budget a little, I'd also prefer new as I then have a comeback if anything goes wrong with it, any thoughts? Thanks :)
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    With an SLR, ALL the cameras are going to take "good" pics...It is the LENS that matters. BUt remember when you buy an SLR, you are buy a system, not a camera. Don't choose based on Bodies, but choose based on what lenses are available.
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