Camino bookmark syncing to Firefox using Foxmarks syncing?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by defsquad, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Convoluted question eh? Basically I love Camino's speed, and I've gotten around the need to have a lot of firefox extensions (weening myself from them), however the ONE thing i *MUST* have is bookmark syncing between home and work boxes. At work I am on a windows laptop and use firefox with foxmarks, and was just syncing the bookmarks to my MBP running firefox. Well I tried out that least build of camino and love it. So, now I am left with a huge hole in my original process. How do I automate syncing of my bookmarks from firefox at the office via foxmarks to camino at the house on my MBP? This would ultimately need to work both ways Camino -> Firefox bookmarks, and FIrefox -> Camino bookmarks; preferably using foxmarks server or my own ftp server is fine too. Just need to automate it both ways preferably.

    Anyone else struggling with this little conundrum?

    Your suggestions and thoughts are most welcomed.

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    different browsers.

    I strongly suggest online bookmarks, such as this would enable same bookmarks across all computers with all browsers.

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