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    Is there anyone here who worked at, or knows about, a small, old photography company called "Camo"? I worked there in 1975 (in or near Kansas City MO). We traveled to small towns in 4 states, Mo, Ks, Ia, and Neb, and worked in TG&Ys and Ben Franklin stores. Mostly photographing the towns' babies and children.

    The owner of the company was a man who came over on a boat when he was 12, I think from German or Poland, with a nickel in his pocket. He went through a lot of hard times, but eventually he invented....I think it was... 92mm or 96mm film (90 something!) and sold it to Kodak.

    At Camo, they gave us young people company cars, if we didn't have our own, and an expense account for our travels. Our cameras were huge wooden boxes with a shutter inside. They were very unsophisticated, but they got the job done.

    I want to write about this man on my blog, but that was 40 years ago, and I don't remember all the details.
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