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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sigamy, Jul 31, 2007.

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    I took my kids on their first camping trip this weekend. We drove about 350 miles to meet my father at his cabin.

    My wife had some events over the weekend so she didn't join us. On the drive out she called me and asked how she can send me an email on my iPhone. There was a house for sale that she wanted me to see. I told her to just forward the email to my regular account and I'll get it on the phone.

    An hour later we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I pulled out the phone and had it pull down emails. It took a while to connect and then pull them down, but it worked. I clicked the link to the MLS listings and it jumped over to Safari. I let it load in the background as traffic let up.

    I didn't drive and iPhone. I'd never do that.

    We got to the camp and had some fun. Then on Saturday I opened Safari and had it pull down the listings. I had to move around a bit, out of the cabin and into the porch. But, it worked. I was sitting in the middle of a pretty remote area, a National Forest, and my iPhone with EDGE was pulling down MLS listings. Incredible.

    Later in the trip she called me as we were hiking in the National Forest. I couldn't believe we got a signal. Kudos to AT&T there. She did notice some echo though.

    Overall the iPhone and EDGE worked very well. Especially well if I think about where I was in the world.

    One thing that brought me back down to earth is that she tried to call me Sunday while I was on the road and she never got a ring. My iPhone never registered a call.
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    Jul 2, 2007
    if you were using edge when she tried to call, that is why - can't do both
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    Depends where

    I too just got back from a camping trip with my iPhone. (Eastern OR)

    I had cell phone service up until about 5,000 feet. The camp was at 7,200 feet. No service at all. No one else on AT&T, Sprint, Verison or Edge (the company not the data protocol) had service either though. It really depends where you are. Also in Eastern OR AT&T service is spotty at best on the freeway through the mountains. Dropped several calls.

    I loved the Google maps - if I wondered how much farther to a city I just punched in the last city and the city i was heading to - worked great when not in the mountains.
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