Can 142 people be wrong?! Diztronic Case Review - Pics

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Cabby, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Amazon Description: Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case for Apple iPhone 5 - 2012 Model

    With 142 good reviews and a $12 price tag, it was worth the risk.

    The fit and finish are good, though I still find myself thinking it took them about 5 cents to produce these cases, but in relation to other cases it's pretty good. There is enough flex in the case to get it on and off easily, yet the fit is very snug and appropriately sized. The phone still feels lightweight and slim even with the case on. The approximate width of the phone is about the same as the IPhone 4 with no case to give you an idea, it's quite slim for a case that gives lip protection.

    The top button requires a slightly harder push than naked to engage, but it's not overly tough to push. The volume button is one button instead of two, which I kind of like, it's different than most. The volume buttons are easy to push, no issue there. The bottom cut outs are right on the screws, perfect in my opinion. I use the stock headphones so they fit of course. They advertise an adapter you can get for larger aftermarket headphone plugs, so I suspect it wont fit every headphone out there.

    The black case almost has a slight sparkle to it in certain light, and is attractive. The diztronic logo could be smaller, but at least it's only on the back. You can just slightly see the seams on the corners, but it doesn't detract from the look of the case. The case is somewhere between slippery and grippy, it doesnt slide across my passenger seat (leather seats) at every turn, but it doesnt stay completely still either.

    The glossy edge on the front matches the shine of the glass front of the phone itself nicely and feels a little more "rubbery" than the rest of the case. I didnt like the look of it from the pictures I had seen, but it looks good in person.

    All in all, very positive on it, especially for $12.

    PS - I dont have a screen protector, so I cant comment on whether the case gets in the way of that or pushs up the edges. I imagine one would fit, but haven't proven that yet.

    PPS - Crappy IPhone 4 pics, I did my best. It's amazing how heavy an IPhone 4 feels when you're using it to take pics of yourself holding an IPhone 5 since it's so much lighter.

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    Just a quick update after several weeks of ownership. With young kids who constantly handle my phone, it's held up great. A lot of "Oops" type drops for a gaggle of children 6 and under and she's doing just fine. Very happy with it. :)
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