Can 2 monitors on a MBP be done?


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Nov 9, 2010
Lincoln, NE
Hi everyone. I have the late 2011 MBP, right now I'm using a 1920x1080 (on hdmi via thunderbolt) as a second monitor. I was wondering are splitters available to connect a second external monitor? I don't mind if the screen on the MBP has to be off, although it would be cool if not :)

I've seen it done for Windows, just didn't know if it can be done on Mac but I would assume so. If it can, is there a certain splitter I should use?



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Sep 18, 2014
Hey . I had the same question a week ago or so.. The reply I recieved is that you cant use a HDMI spillter to split the cable. But you can use a product that is produced by Matrox ( . This device is suppose will let you connect two or even three monitors to a single thunderbolt/minidisplay port. I have seen it on amazon for around $160 - $180. Hope that helps


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Sep 24, 2013
DP 1.1 does support multiple displays but not at 1080p. I Don't think a 2011 Macbook pro supports DP 1.2.
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