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Can a Big Sur Unsupported Mac post be made a sticky?


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Original poster
Feb 27, 2019
Philly Area
As the title says.
Can someone create a sticky post with all the pertinent information on how to install Big Sur on unsupported macs?
Post all the links and a brief write up.
There is several threads on this topic with THOUSANDS of replies. Makes for a daunting task trying to find the correct information.
Not sure if creating such a post would violate any TOS on this page?
Lock it down so no one can post a reply.
I myself have a late 2013 21.5" iMac that can run Big Sur and I would like to do it. I considered getting a M1 Mac mini but Ill just wait until next year for the iMac redesign. Running Big Sur will cure my itch for a while.


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Jul 24, 2020
Yes, make it a sticky thread. ... or at least pin it to the top of the normal threads.
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