can a ps3 be connected to a powerbook g4?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by thurman munson, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    May 2, 2002
    Do you mean using the PB's internal screen to display the PS3's output?

    Yes, but not cheaply, and only (to my knowledge) with analog composite or S-video. No high-def digital.

    You's need to buy a video-input device, and it has to be one without a delay or game-playing would be an exercise in frustration. Some ElGato devices offer near-zero image lag, for instance, and can be used with game consoles.

    I have a USB EyeTV Hybrid, which I have used successfully with my PBG4 (1.25 Ghz, Readon Mobility 9600/64 MB). I think my PB is a bit below minimum stated specs for EyeTV, but it still worked.

    But that's about $120 on Amazon. (It's also a digital high-def TV tuner, an analog TV tuner, and a DVR package.) Miglia TV Micro Express is cheaper but it most likely has a delay--you'd need to be sure about that before buying something.

    Now, if you mean simply sharing the PB's Internet connection, that's a lot easier! Enable Internet Sharing, and open ports as needed or turn off the Mac firewall.
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    or do you mean media streaming? for that you can use medialink by nullriver software. its shareware but its worth the price.

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