Can a Stylus or other pointing device be used?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Paulyboy, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I think I already know the answer to this question but thought I'd ask anyways.

    I'm interested in purchasing iPod Touch but I'm a quadriplegic with no use of my hands and fingers but some use of my arms. I've heard that the iPod Touch uses a touchscreen technology that only senses touches from a person's finger and therefore does not recognize touches from something like a stylus or a mouth stick. Is this accurate? If so, is there anyway to operate an iPod Touch without using your fingers? Or more precisely, Will and iPod Touch accept input from something other than a finger?

    I wear a splint on my right hand and have a small pointing stick attached to it. The stick has something similar to a pencil eraser on the end of it. Since I can move my arm relatively well I can fairly easily press buttons on things such as TV remote controls and cell phones with physical buttons. So if the iPod Touch recognized touches from the tip I have on the end of the stick (or any kind of tip for that matter) I would buy one immediately. I plan on going to one of the Apple stores and putting it to the test but based on what I've read about the technology I'm guessing that it won't workl. The bottom line is if I am unable to use a pointing device like the stick on my splint to access the iPod Touch then it would probably be pointless for me to get an iPod Touch. I could attempt to use the knuckles on my fingers but that would be very clumsy and probably wouldn't work very well.


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    If you are able to attach it, this may be what you are looking for:

    You may also want to try a google search along the lines of "Stylus for iPhone" to see if there are any more available products.

    I hope you can get it working for you.
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    Unfortunately the iphone touch screen is capcitive, so most styluses will not work. It may be possible to get special ones, but I don't know about that.
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    That is great! I should be able to adapt that to my needs. Thanks alot! :)

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    They have one at too. I'll vouch for it because I bought one and it works. There ARE less expensive ones out there, but this one has been flawless and I have no idea how the other ones perform.

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    (sorry; don't know why there was a double posting.)
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    not a deal killer, but i just watched a review on youtube (search the mac cafe) and the guy said that if you have the case-mate naked case, you'll have to press the stylus harder cuz the case has the protective screen.

    not an issue if you don't have a protective layer over the screen.

    good luck.


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