can a tmobile iphone 6 plus be used for verizon

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    ok guys I have a question hopefully u guys HAVE the answer I currently bought a iPhone 6 plus from tmobile but im not happy with the service it sucks im almost done paying the phone I owe like $100 I spoke with tmobile customer service and told me I have to finished paying the phone so they could unlocked is it true I want to use the iPhone 6 plus with Verizon. I went to Verizon and asked if I could and of course they said no.. but I currently have a Verizon account pay as u go with a the note 4 LTE CAN I GO INTO THE STORE AND TELL THEM THAT I HAVE A IPHONE 6 PLUS THAT I WANT USE SO I NEED A SIM CARD. IF DO END UP GIVING IT TO ME CAN I PUT IT ON MY IPHONE 6 PLUS FROM TMOBILE OR DO I HAVE WAIT TO UNTIL TMOBILE UNLOCKED THE PHONE. OR THE OTHER OPTION I COULD IF IT WORKS MY AUNT HAS A VERIZON IPHONE 6 PLUS THAT IS A VERIZON AND SHE IS USING IT WITH TMOBILE .. CAN I TAKE MY AUNT PHONE SINCE ITS A VERIZON AND SINCE I HAVE VERIZON ACCOUNT AND TELL THEM I NEED A SIM CARD FOR THIS IPHONE AND IF THEY DO GIVE IT TO ME CAN I TAKE IT OUT AFTER A COUPLE OF MINUTES AND PUT IT ON MY IPHONE 6 PLUS FROM TMOBILE.. OR I REALLY HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TMOBILE UNLOCKED MY IPHONE 6 PLUS.. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME ..
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    No. Verizon uses CDMA technology, while T-Mobile uses GSM technology. You'll have to buy the Verizon model iPhone.
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    Actually, Verizon implemented a new policy that it will allow iPhone 6 and 6S that are unlocked since all iPhone 6 / 6 plus 6S / 6S Plus do have CMDA chips.

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