Can AE take wireless and make it wired?


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Aug 18, 2007
I have a wireless network (n) created by an Airport Extreme.

I also have an Airport Express and another Airport Extreme.

My computers work fine with the wireless. But the PS3 is very slow, and is 'G' only. I was hoping to figure out a way to use one of my extra devices (the express or extreme) to connect to the 'n' network - and output a wired connection to the PS3 (and old xbox actually).

I tried with the Airport Express, but eventually gave up. I couldn't get it to work. Now an Airport Extreme just fell on my lap, so I was hoping I might have better luck with it.

Is this possible? Any suggestions? It is a standard home network.



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Oct 22, 2007
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I'm pretty sure you can. I have a few Macs connected wirelessly through an AEBS. My old Mini would only connect at the older/slower standard (I've forgotten all my 'b', 'g', 'n' and drafts). The AEBS is version just prior to the one that had dual band, so the old Mini was forcing everything to work at the slower speed. I simply turned off the wireless in the Mini, and connected it to the AEBS with an ethernet cable. I had to wait a few minutes (5, 10, 15?) for the DHCP thingy to do its magic, and now everything works fine.

So, the big question is - can you turn wireless off on your PS3?


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Jul 26, 2005
I know you definitely can do this on an express. I have one set up in my house like this. Unfortunately, I'm away at school for the next 3 weeks, so I can't post screenshots of my settings. But it DEFINITELY is possible on an express.
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