Can Airport Extreme go into sleep mode?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Mcook5, Jan 6, 2011.

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    I was reading about how constant exposure to cell phone and Wifi rays are not to healthy for human beings. The article suggested turning off Wifi when not in use so your home isn't pumping it 24/7 even while you are asleep. But obviously that would be a pain unless there was a router that could simply wake up from sleep whenever some tries to access, just like a desktop computer.

    Anyway, I think that would be a slick invention if there isn't one already

    Yeah the government regulates so called "safe levels" but, c'mon, these guys can't get anything right, and I don't want to end up with freakin brain tumors and cancer when smarter steps could be taken now.
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    Jan 24, 2010
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    My recommendation is to either unplug it or get a power strip that has either a master outlet (if you have a suitable device for the master outlet, like a computer that would be using said wireless) or a remote control. Another solution, if you have a computer that is connected to the router via Ethernet, is to write or find an AppleScript, Automator script, or some easy way to launch AirPort Utility and disable or enable the wireless radio there.

    While the jury may still be out about the exposure issues you mention, this will have a practical benefit, if nothing else: you'll save energy. :D (Plug your cable modem or other unneeded-at-nighttime devices in there as well for good measure.)

    The negative side, unfortunately, is that with any of these solutions (even the pure-software one), you'll have to wait for the AirPort Extreme Base Station to reboot each time. However, I do this all the time myself and don't find the wait too annoying.
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    Don't believe everything you read. Your body is constantly exposed to all kinds signals from radio, television, wifi, bluetooth, cell phone, etc. If you're that worried about it, lock yourself in a lead vault (so not even Superman's x-ray vision can penetrate) and don't ever come out.

    There's nothing to worry about, except the voices in your head.
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    <silly> I will sue all the people living near me as they are trying to kill me by bombing me with 19 wireless networks around the clock! </silly>

    Anyway, serious side, I was once thinking same but reason was my ever increasing electric bill, in the end even if it had some power save feature I don't believe I would have seen much difference in my bill.. They don't eat that much electricity afterall.
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    I could easily be convinced that cell phones might cause health issues due to prolonged exposure and close proximity to the head. However, I have a hard time believing that a wireless router, when there is no wi-fi traffic present, poses any risk. First, the transmitter is probably not very close to any particular person for any significant time. Plus, when no wi-fi traffic is present, I don't believe the router spends much time broadcasting.

    For example, we get a fair amount of interference on our cordless phones when there is wi-fi traffic present on our network. However, if we put my wife's Mac Mini to sleep, the interference drops to almost non-existent. (The Mini and a wi-fi printer are the only wireless devices on our network.)

    In other words, it is my belief that the only time a wireless router does any significant amount of transmitting is when it's actually being used. Turning it off (or putting it to sleep) when not in use is not likely to make any difference.

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