Can an Air power two 2560x1440 Displays?


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Jun 20, 2011
I'm thinking of picking up two 27in Catleap displays from ebay since they will together be cheaper than a Thunderbolt display and I don't do anything that requires super accurate colors.

Will my 2011 13in Air be able to output to both of them? Or should I stick with one?


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Jul 1, 2004
No, the 2011 Air cannot power 2 displays at that resolution. It could power 1 at that res, and another at up to 1920x1200 with a USB display link adapter, but not 2@2560x1440.


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Nov 7, 2009
It's not hardware/natively supported, but you can run two monitors at that res on the 2011 MBA - I've done so myself (with two 1920x1200 24").

You need a USB->DVI adapter that uses the DisplayLink chipset. I got mine from Amazon for £50 and it works fine - supports up to your desired resolution too. There is a bit of lag running HD movies on the USB run monitor and doing quick animations but i've had no problems with standard use. Its basically like plugging in a secondary (less powerful) graphics card.