Can an iPad be accessed remotely? Was I hacked?

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    Dec 2, 2013
    Last night, I had a very strange experience with my wife's iPad (iPad Air 1). I was sleeping and she was in bed playing a game. She woke me to show me that her iPad had started to "act on its own". While in the middle of playing the game, a "sign into iTunes" prompt appeared and then the keyboard started typing in random gibberish (lots of Q's, W's and Z's). Never once was the password "submitted" but the password itself continued to change in the prompt box. This went on for about 30 seconds and then the "sign into iTunes" prompt disappeared to bring her game back up, and then her iPad started to open/close a menu in the game by itself. At this point, I attempted to turn off the iPad, but it would not shut down. I finally unplugged my wifi and was then able to shut the iPad down.

    The game she was playing is a very well known and popular game, so I do not suspect there was an issue stemming from the game itself.

    this morning, I changed our wifi password (our wifi password is always extremely complex). I also noticed that my wife's iPad had its name changed to "Unknown-Host". This spooks me more than anything, as previously it was named "Wife's Name iPad"

    So, can anyone shed some light on what happened? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing happening?

    We took some video of the experience with her phone and as soon as I can figure out how to blur out her email address/apple ID from the video I will be happy to post it.
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    you have a bluetooth keyboard connected to the iPad and the cat typed on it


    you should take your video to the genius before having iTunes do a backup , erase , and restore of the iPad

    maybe the genius can collect app logs to send to the developer? maybe this is a bug?

    was this an app?? or was this a web page ?

    i was talking to the applecare lady and she told me she once had an iPhone with a clock running backwards, and they had to exchange it!

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