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Artful Dodger

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Hello to all,

I've been looking around at and for an App or a way to have my iPad2 used as an external/extra lcd screen for my D7000 or even my video recorder. I've seen demos from other companies such as to tether and I know from having Aperture 2 & 3 that Aperture can do it using my MBP.

I'm just looking for the same for my iPad2 I'm just not sure where to find Apps to do this or more importantly, what has anyone tried that they really like for this method of use?

Thanks for feedback :D

Artful Dodger

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Thanks Dale,

I saw a clip on YouTube of an App that let you turn your iPad into a big display but it didn't give the name of it. I like the way it worked because it didn't need any laptop or desktop as a server per se like most seem to need.

I would use this with both my D7000 or D90 & my Canon camcorder to make podcasts and position it below the camera facing me so that I get a good idea of composition when doing this solo. Not a real problem when home but if out and about it would be nice to leave the MBP resting at home.

I'll check into that card more and see what happens. Thanks for taking the time and posting this :D


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Oct 5, 2009
if you really want to use your ipad as an external screen to your d7000 (!), you need a couple bits of software. first you need to enable screen sharing in osx, next your need to install some vnc/screensharing app on your ipad. next up would be to tether your d7000 to your mac and get the live view tether screen full screened on your mac. finally open your vnc/screen shareing app on your ipad, enter your connection details (ie. or w/e it happens to be possible yourmachere.local would work) and voila! your ipad is now a screen for your d7000.

although imho why bother with all that when you could just use your computers high-res lcd during tether?
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