Can an iPhone screen glass get weaker by dropping it?

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    Like about 5 cm from a table with the screen facing down. So it's a very small height. But will it cause any damage to the glass? Obviously I'm not gonna try it but how might height would it take before you start to see cracks/small scratches on the display? Also can you tell me how many metres does it have to be for the glass to undergo damage if applicable?

    There is article that says

    "If it falls face down you might escape without too much damage because the stress of impact is spread across the entire surface. It would almost certainly undergo damage, which you maybe couldn’t see with the naked eye, which would cause it to shatter on a subsequent occasion.

    But if you drop your phone onto one of the corners, the uneven surface means the point of contact between the glass and ground is small and focused, directing the entire force of the impact onto one small point."

    But the thing is, the screen only has scratches, not cracks. And these scratches are extremely difficult to see unless you try and look for them. So did I still weaken the strength of the glass? Or does that only happen if there are actual cracks? I have examined the phone glass and there is not a single crack, just minor scratches. You literally have to use a flashlight to see them. Is it just the coating?

    Another reason why I'm bit confused is because there's an EverythingApplePro video of drop testing the SE vs 5s. He dropped the SE (the one with no case) from very high heights multiple times and it took a lot of times until the screen started to shatter, so is he just lucky or is the glass made to stand small drops?
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    It certainly can't get stronger from dropping it, that's for sure.

    Depending on where it falls, what it falls on, the height of the impact, the point of impact, Jupiter's alignment with Saturn... it's luck of the draw sometimes. Many can drop it just once and it'll shatter. Other people can drop it weekly and it'll only have a few scuffs as a result.
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    The height of the impact was like 0.5cm on a wooden desk. The point of impact was the screen facing down, with the Apple leather case on. But I have said in the OP that is it probably the oleophobic coating? It's literally not there and I turned the screen off and scanned the glass around with a flashlight and then I could see it. I can't even feel it with the surface of my thumb, only if I rub my fingernail through it. Again, it looks nothing happened when the screen is on I can't see a single scratch at all unless shined with flashlight
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    But I wanna know does it WEAKEN the strength of the glass if hardly anything happened.
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    The glass is weakened.

    Every iPhone (so far) has been made with Corning's Gorilla Glass. It's refined every model. The version of Gorilla Glass in the SE is stronger than the version in the iPhone 5s, which is stronger than the version in the 5.

    Every time there is an impact you are weaking the molecular bond of the glass. Eventually, after enough drops (weakening) the glass will fail. And Gorilla Glass when it fails tends to shatter instead of just cracking.
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    Can you tell me how much effect this small drop of mine had to the glass? Can you give a damage effect percentage out of 100 before it starts to fail?

    Also I know someone with a 4s, it's indestructible. It was accidentally dropped many times on the floor and outside and IT NEVER CRACKED. Sure there were a lot of scratches and it never broke over the past five years. But I don't know if the thinner design of the SE is taking that away.
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    That I cannot tell you.

    However, I had an iPhone 5 for 3.5 years. It got dropped on concrete and rocks (face down from chest height) and accidentally kicked and was also dropped several other places. All I ever received was one microscratch that you had to look at in the right light to see.

    I still have the iPhone 5, it's just not my primary phone anymore. It was replaced recently because of a swollen battery but the screen never cracked.

    Yet less than six months after getting an iPhone 6+ I dropped it ONCE. It had a screen protector on it and guess what broke?! The screen, underneath the protector! The screen protector had no scratches on it!!!

    The 5 is tough. And the SE is based on the 5. I wouldn't worry very much about it.

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