Can anybody recognize this music?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by powerbuddy, Mar 28, 2008.

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    You should try drugs instead of getting addicted to such weird things! :p
    At least they'll be easier to find!
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    I doubt this song has a name. It's just really generic music to use on DVD menu screens or something, where the music is put in just so that you don't sit in darkness while you select the sound quality of your choice.
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    Well, this is basically an ad for Final Cut Server, so this is likely what is called production music -- music written and sold specifically to be used as backgrounds or themes for corporate or small-broadcast use. I use a lot of it myself making cable TV shows for the city I work for.

    Thing is, there's a lot of production music that is off-the-shelf, from a number of companies, and no real way to tell where this came from unless somebody specifically recognizes it -- which is highly unlikely. Then too, big companies will sometimes commission their own music. Apple could very well fit into that category, since they emphasize the cool factor, with a certain look and sound. They may've contracted some relatively unknown artist to write and record something specifically for this spot.

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