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Jan 10, 2005
I'm a 1Password user but open to switching to iCloud Keychain with Mavericks & iOS 7 to get the seamless integration with mobile Safari.

My biggest questions:

1. Is there a UI/interface to see your recorded passwords after already entering them? What if I need to manually copy/paste a password into Chrome or a form that Safari isn't working with etc.?

2. How are multiple passwords for the same site handled? For example if my wife and I have separate accounts / passwords for Facebook how does iCloud Keychain handle that?

3. What is the system in Mavericks or even iOS 7 (if you have tried the beta) to secure the passwords? What I mean is if you are logged into the Mac or iOS device is there any other need to enter a "master password" before it enters the stored passwords or is the act of getting past the login password on Mavericks or the PIN on iOS all that is needed to get at all the passwords?

Thanks... I LOVE 1Password but Apple has really stuck it to them by not allowing them to integrate seamlessly with the Safari mobile browser on iOS. I hate to leave 1Password but as an all Apple household if Apple comes up with a seamless solution with no real downsides for me (as I use Safari 99.9% of the time and all Apple products 100% of the time) I will likely switch...

Thanks again!


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Feb 26, 2011
Cincinnati, OH
As of now there is not much. A 12 character password can be generated. No options for password length or what characters are used. Since it is a preview I'm hoping that more options are given to the end user. As of now 1Password , which I use religiously , does not have to worry about iCloud Keychain at all.


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Oct 14, 2011
I am using the beta version and somehow safari is not storing my password. It used to remember my user name and auto fill them but currently not working.
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