Can anyone explain what's going on with my photos? *Screenshots*

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    Aren't all my photos supposed to be in the cloud?

    Why are there 4 files of photos on my computer? Two that are labeled "Mini iPhoto Library" and "Mini Photos Library" and 488GB and 498GB, respectively. I'm guessing the other two "iPhoto Library" and "Aperture Library" are legacy files and can be deleted with no effect to my system?

    What doesn't make sense though is that 488GB + 498GB would equal nearly a TB and Daisy Disk says I have 583GB total of photos on my HDD. So I'm confused how that's possible?

    I actually have the same confusion over my music. Isn't all my music in iTunes supposed to be stored in Apple's cloud? Why is there 442GB worth of music on my hard drive?

    Can anyone shed light into this? Much appreciated in advance!

    Photos.png DaisyDisk.png
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    I had a bunch of disparate files very similar to you. So, The iPhoto libraries are just that, local copies of your old iPhoto libraries. Your mini IPhotos library looks to be the old version of Mini Photos (no I) library. In the last year, IPhoto went away and was replaced by Photos. That is what those files are.

    You were also using Aperture with a separate repository of its own. That is your Aperture library. Aperture is no longer "offered" via Apple but if you have it loaded, you can still use it to edit this library. (I will discuss what I think you can do about this later)

    The second iPhoto library, is similar to the earlier "Mini IPhoto Library" but it looks like it may not be upgraded to your current Photos library.

    If you want to consolidate all of these (assuming you want to stop using aperture), I would recommend you open Photos, which would launch the "Mini Photos Library", and select File / Import and point it at "IPhoto Library" and repeat for "Aperture Library" and in the end, you want to end up with all your photos imported into Photos.

    I am trying to be super simple, and there are literally several ways you can do this. This is how I would try to attack it.

    Hope this helps.

    This article may help as well.

    Please make sure you have everything backed up prior to attempting.
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    I think that the Photos Library references the iPhoto Library, so while they are about 500 GB individually they could be counting the photos from before May 3 twice (hence the larger and newer Photos Library). If you click on the apple logo and check the storage used :)apple: > About this mac > Storage) you should see how much photos OSX thinks you have.

    If you have something else in your pictures folder then it will show up as larger than the library size.

    If your music is in iCloud, then it doesn't stop it from being on your computer. iCloud will not delete your local music, and maybe it doesn't have your full collection. Have you checked how many songs you have locally vs how many iCloud has?
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    I can't answer for the other two straggler files you have, as that is something you did along the line. But I can explain the two ~488GB files. When you first opened the new Photos it found and imported your iPhoto library, so now you have both there like you are seeing. But both libraries are actually pointing to the same photos on the drive using what are called "hard links", so only ~488GB of space is used and not double that. There is a good article here that explains it.
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    This is Apple's way of telling you to copy all your photo's to an external disk, delete all of your iPhoto, aperture and other apple photo libraries, install Lightroom and import all your photos into there instead. Simples!

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