Can anyone help me? [What does "Show mirroring options..." mean?]

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    Look this image:

    What does "Show mirroring options..." mean?


    I have a MacBook Pro Retina late 2013 15-inch uploaded at 10.9.4


    Selecting or not "Show..." doesn't make changes, it seems...

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  2. dan1eln1el5en macrumors 6502


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    the mirroring option is used with AirDisplay and external monitors..

    it gives you easy access in the menu to mirror or extend the desktop to the external screen.
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    In the menu bar at the very top right of your mac you'll see the time, battery, etc. and you will also see a little Apple TV symbol for AirPlay mirroring. If you turn that option off (the one you posted a picture of), then the airplay icon in the menu bar disappears.

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