can anyone help me with earbud (not in-ear) recs?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by stewie1, May 28, 2012.

  1. stewie1 macrumors member

    Feb 23, 2010
    I have a nice pair of in-ear Shures. I love them. I'm not asking about those.

    But most of the time I'm out and about and want to be able to hear my surroundings. So I have just used the Apple earbuds. This is mostly for listening to spoken word podcasts and such, and very rarely music.

    Well I left them in a hotel room last week, so I'm looking for a new pair and wondering if anyone can provide me with suggestions.

    Details below.
    - NOT in-ear or noise cancelling. I want to hear the world around me.
    - I'd like a microphone and volume controls on the cord so I don't have to remove my phone from my pocket.
    - I need a durable cord. The Apple 'phones don't last me very long due to the abuse they take. I bought a pair of Urbanears Medis that lasted me all of 2 weeks before the thin fabric cord frayed at the connector, rendering them useless.
    - Sound quality is a secondary consideration, but better is obviously better. Price is no object as long as I'm getting a good-sounding, durable solution.

    Unfortunately every manufacturer is focusing on in-ear headphones and ignoring the earbud market. I tried using the Awareness app with my in-ear headphones but it's not practical if you're walking around with an iphone in your pocket as all you hear is fabric and rustling.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. webslinger85 macrumors 6502a


    Nov 8, 2010
    Maybe check out a pair of jvc gumy earbuds, they're cheap, but offer good durability and sound quality for the price.

    Sony makes some decent earbuds as well.
  3. Ray- macrumors regular


    Apr 18, 2012
    Ohhh, this one is easy. Check out the Yuin PK2 or sennheiser mx680i. The 680i would probably be your best bet if you dont mind the yellow...
  4. stewie1 thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 23, 2010
    Thanks for the replies.

    I was looking at the Sennheisers but I have to admit I'm not a fan of the yellow. There also seem to be some new Puma earphones at the Apple online store that might be interesting.

    The Yuins seem to have poor build quality and won't pass the durability test, from what I read.

    The gumys don't seem to have any remote on the cord.

    This is the problem... I can just buy something cheap and disposable and keep replacing them as they break, but then I lose the remote and mic.
  5. SCARY GAY DAD macrumors 6502


    Dec 3, 2011
    I haven't had any issues with my Yuins yet. But again, I throw them around. I treat them like $80 earbuds...because that's how much they cost. I also store them in a earbud case.

    Get the Yuin PK2. I've A/Bed many earbuds and the Yuins blow all other earbuds out of the water. The PK1 is just like the PK2 but at a much lower volume (since it's designed to work with amps).
  6. Grolubao macrumors 65816


    Dec 23, 2008
    London, UK
    I agree that the Yuin PK3 is not the best durable headphones out there, but for the price you cannot get better. If it breaks, buy new ones again.
  7. SuperSnake2012 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 11, 2005
    I have the Yuin PK3 and they are very durable and the SQ is fantastic for buds. If they had a microphone/controller on the headphones they would be perfect.

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