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Mar 12, 2013
Can anyone recommend a good iPad Air sleeve/pouch?

I currently use an Apple Smart Case but I kinda think it takes away the whole point of the iPads small weight and size and I am also unimpressed by the quality of the case specially for £65 so I would like to try a sleeve for use when travelling and such.

Also can anyone recommend a good screen protector?

Thanks in advance :)!


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Jan 15, 2013


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Mar 15, 2008
The first is 315, second is 340? I don't think $25 more is too much when you're buying a case that is over $300, hell even $100
Sorry lol, I forgot to explain the part where the one I got was on sale at Neiman Marcus and the other was full price only online. So it was more like a 130 difference, I like em both though so it's nbd, but now that the other is full price the leather one is cool. They really are the best sleeves, suede lining and most other designers don't have a latch to prevent it from falling out.
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