Can anything be done to save my Macbook Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kedaj, Sep 4, 2016.

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    I *think* water fell on my Macbook but I can't be certain... I had a small glass of water on my nightstand with my Macbook being on the floor. I awoke the next morning and the floor was wet around the Macbook but my Macbook itself was dry. When I tried to turn it on, it won't boot up. I can plug in my Magsafe though and it turns green before turning orange but other than that, I can't seem to figure out what else can be done. I don't know if it's broken or not since it's still able to charge and keep a charge. I'm out of warranty (2012 MBA) so not sure what my options are.
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    Oh no, not *that* guy! I think he needs help not sarcasm.

    Having said that, kedaj probably hasn't discovered Google yet. "drying out Macbook Air"
    Here's one of 60K+ hits:

    Now, what I would do personally:
    1) Disconnect Power
    2) Dry external case with towels.
    3) On an anti-static mat, with grounded tools, open up MBA for "surgery" look on for details
    4) Disconnect battery immediately.
    5) Unscrew all components necessary to lift out logic board clean.
    6) Blow-dry (low heat) logic board on both sides on top of a dry towel.
    7) Repeat for case interior, being careful not to use any heat to avoid damaging the battery pack.
    Depending on which MBA you have the battery pack is more or less difficult to extrude. If it's the glued down version, I wouldn't bother removing it, otherwise do so and drying will be easier.
    8) Reassemble and test. If still not working, repeat 1-7 and stick the logic board in a bucket of rice for 2 days.
    9) If it still won't turn on, you've either messed up reassembly (sorry :) or your board got fried the 1st time when the water spilled. There are new ones on eBay for less than Apple new.

    Good luck.
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    Even if you follow all these steps there is absolutely no guarantee that your MB Air will work further in the long term. No one can predict if or what parts have been damaged or will stop to work later on.
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    Which part is sarcasm? Louis Rossman is probably the most well know person who repair logic boards.

    Honestly, some of those steps makes no sense.

    The proper steps are

    1) Disconnect Power
    2) Dry external case with towels.
    3) Remove bottom case & disconnect battery.
    4) Disassemble laptop & remove logic board (see iFixit for instructions)
    5) Wipe all wet components with towels
    6) Use compressed air to blow water stuck chips on the logic board
    7) Wait a day
    8) Reassembled laptop

    Do not stick laptop in rice. Do not use a blow dryer.
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    Ummm, lessee, YOU put your precious laptop, ON THE FLOOR, with a drinking glass FULL OF WATER, above it on the nightstand? I think you learned an expensive, common sense lesson! I mean really!
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    We can all see the irony here.

    but realistically, keeping on topic - coming from someone who has been servicing these machines for years.. It's likely the IPD cable that goes from the MLB to the trackpad, I have seen many of those cables liquid damaged and corrosion set in due to the fact that since the cable plugs in upside down to the trackpad, any liquid thru the space between the top case and trackpad leave that connector exposed on the underside Since the flow of connections for Airs for input is Keyboard/Topcase to Trackpad to Logic Board, it would also explain why the keyboard does not work.
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