Can Apple Music be controlled from another device like Spotify?

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    One of my favorite features of Spotify is that I can hook it up to a stereo with my iPod Touch and control what is playing from my iPhone. I use this mostly at work (we listen to music all day) and I love not having to get up and change what is playing from my iPod every time I want to play something different. I can just do it from my desk using my phone.

    I tried to see if Apple Music had this and it seemed it didn't. Is there some kind of setting I'm not using that allows this? Or is it not available?
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    You can control AM from iPhone, iPad, or Mac to any Airplay device. I have an old ATV2 hooked up to my stereo and use that to stream AM.
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    For me, this is the biggest weakness in the service compared to Rdio and Spotify. I miss being able to remotely control the app running on my Mac with the iPhone app. The Remote app will control anything you save to your iTunes library, but it is extremely limited when compared to Rdio/Spotify that give you access to all mobile features.

    As mentioned, you can also dock an old iPhone and use a new iPhone to control playback via the Rdio/Spotify app.

    If it wasn't for Siri, I would still be using Rdio because of this feature, but I am hoping Apple eventually adds a similar feature. As it is, I just use AirPlay or Airfoil.
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    this just feels like 'nitch''

    You can Airplay, but it's less convenient than just allowing it to do what u want. plus it can only be controlled from one location at a time. Remote app same thing.

    I would want to control my Apple music from my stereo directly, not in-directly.... it does work, but its not good in a family type situation, when you have people in one room listening to different music than u are but still wish to listen to your playlist. True u can get the Family plan, but Apple makes u do that. so in the end it works out to be more expensive anyway.... $9.99 + 14.99 per month = about $300 p/year
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    Just wondering if there have been any changes on this since October? I'm trying out Apple Music now and generally like it, but this is a very useful feature for us. We have an iPad in the living room that handles music duties... with Spotify any Spotify-enabled device can control that iPad, and thus the house's audio. Just open up Spotify on your phone and skip the track if you don't like it. This might be the primary reason for us to stick with Spotify. :-/
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    This is one of the biggest missing features in Apple Music, IMO. It will be so much more useful to me once they implement this.
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    It's possible but the only way you can do this, is you must have Apple Music play in your iTunes (Mac/PC) and have the remote app installed on the devices you want to control.
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    Why would you want such a kludgey method? Docking old iPhones? lol

    Buy a Bluetooth adapter for your ancient stereo, or buy a new Bluetooth speaker. They sound great, and look Ma no wires. Welcome to 2016.

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