Can Apple use Nokia/Microsoft Mobile Patents?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by timbosf2, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Jan 21, 2015
    That's my question. No further explanation needed since we all know the deal behind Apple and Microsoft back in 1997

    And one more question, can Apple use Microsoft HoloLens patents?
  2. alex0002, Jan 21, 2015
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    Which specific "Nokia/Microsoft" patents do you mean? From my understanding, when Microsoft purchased the mobile phone business unit from Nokia, they did not receive any of the Nokia patents for mobile phone technology.

    Nokia retained its patents and Microsoft got a 10 year license to use them. Nokia is free to offer a license to other mobile handset makers. Many mobile phone patents have applications not just in the mobile handset area, but also the Network Infrastructure and Mapping (HERE maps) parts of the business which Nokia still own.

    However, there might be third party patent licensing deals that were transferred to Microsoft.

    Microsoft HoloLens appears to be post Nokia (and not mobile specific either for that matter) and not related to the above.
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    Most of the patents for LTE/GSM are held by Nokia and I believe they are allowed to keep them by making every effort to allow others to license them for a fair price. Apple's fight with Nokia a few years ago hinged on Apple postulating that Nokia was being unfair trying to charge Apple more then they charged others for the license.
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    usually you have to pay a fee to use other companies patents. making any computer part today almost require you to pay someone for something in a patent. e.g. all the Sony stuff such as CD/DVD/Bluray, might be manufactured by others but they will in turn send some money at Sony to use their patents.
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    Apple can use any patents they have a license to use. If that doesn't answer your question, then maybe you need to explain it further.

    Patent agreements may or may not include future patents by the patent holder. In my experience, they usually enumerate the exact patents covered by number, or they specify a date range, such as all patents held by Company with a grant date before 1 April 2010. Sometimes there are further restrictions, such as excluding patents acquired by Company after completion of The Agreement.

    So the short answer is "No one knows for sure."
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    CD is Optical read corp who in turn licensed it to philips and sony.
    DVD is a consortium of 10 companies.
    Bluray is about 25 different companies

    but, yes you pay a licence to someone somewhere - just not sony.

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