iPad mini Can Aussie iPad(mini) use US LTE?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by speedbumpnv, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I am currently in Australia for work and was given a gift card from work as a holiday bonus. The card is to one of Australia's massive department stores. I am not really in the market for overpriced clothing, appliances, furniture, etc... Nearly everything in this courtly is insanely expensive. Then I walked by the Apple in-store mini store and thought about an iPad mini. The prices start at $369AUS. I get 1/11 back at the airport (tax refund for traveling non-residents) when I leave the county to head back to the US, so its final price would be ~$336AUS. Not exactly outrageous when you consider the same iPad would cost me $355US at home with sales tax. With the current exchange rates, I would actually save a couple $'s buying in Australia. But since its being bought with a gift card, the dollar "saving" is irrelevant. Anyways...


    They sell the GSM/CDMA (model A1455) here so it works with local LTE bands. If I spring some out of pocket cash for the cellular model, will I be able to take it to Verizon at home and use it on their system, including LTE? This model will also work on AT&T's 3G and "4G" networks, but not their LTE system. They do not sell the "AT&T" version in Australia.

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    The iPad 3 sold in aus was the AT&T LTE model and when I took it to USA for a holiday I was able to access LTE. The iPad 4 and mini are the Verizon variant, but I'm not sure if Verizon will actually allow iPads sold outside the USA to access their LTE networks. I think you can pop in a AT&T mini SIM card as before for HSPA access, LTE won't work.

    I'm not sure if any travelers have had any luck hooking up Verizon, I think their join up fee is wht puts travelers off because most only want for a few weeks at most.

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