Can automator do this? Copy text and open spotify.

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by MacNoob444, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Sep 16, 2014
    I would like to do this with one short command is it possible? Or have i misunderstood automator?

    In chrome: highlight a text on a web site > pressing a hotkey e.g. cmd+shift+d > copy to clipboard > open spotify > focus on search with cmd+l (real spotify hotkey) > paste from clipboard> enter press.
    (this will search for the text that is highlighted)

    Then, not in the same command.

    Hoover or clicking on the song: pressing hotkey e.g cmd+shift+d> right click> arrow down> arrow down> enter press.
    (this will save the song to "my songs")

    If possible, will there be a conflict between using the same hotkeys? Or can you set it not to be global, so it only affects the active window?

    I´ve tried Better touch tool but it do NOT work well with spotify. It works sometimes, like 1/5, the other 4 something completely different happens. The thing is that there is a thread in a forum with really good music on it and i would like to have it on spotify. The link is mostly links to youtube, either dead links or the quality is bad. But the text is like this Adam Beyer - Lovecraft so it is copyable.

    Or is there another way of doing this, another program or so? Anything that will help me would be really appreciated.
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    Nov 26, 2007
    An alternative to your first idea:

    Write a Chrome plugin that adds in a new keyboard shortcut and/or context menu item. When Your plugin is triggered through either means, it somehow converts it to a Spotify URI and uses that to open Spotify.

    I don't know all the details because I've never made a Chrome plugin or looked into Spotify's developer stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's possible.

    Chrome Plugins would be written in JavaScript, I think.
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    Here's an example that uses Safari for the first part of your request.

    Create a Service in Automator.

    1. Service receives selected text in Chrome in your case.
    2. Run AppleScript action with the following :

      on run {input, parameters}
      	set the clipboard to first item of input
      	tell application "Spotify"
      	end tell
      	delay 0.5
      	if frontmost of application "Spotify" is true then
      		tell application "System Events"
      			tell process "Spotify"
      				keystroke "f" using {option down, command down}
      				keystroke "v" using command down
      				delay 1
      				key code 36
      			end tell
      		end tell
      	end if
      	--return input
      end run
    3. Save your Service
    4. Assign a shortcut e.g. cmd+shift+d to your Service

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    WOW thanks ALOT! Worked really good! Do you know if its possible to do the other thing I asked in automator or something similar. I don´t ask you to do it, only if its possible, you done enough for me:D Thanks again!

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