Can developers use TouchID on iPhone for other than Local Authentication?

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    The Local Authentication API as we all know or should know, allows developers to authenticate into applications using FaceID or TouchID.

    However for FaceID, developers can do more stuff with the face outside of the Local Authentication API. They can use it to detect other movements of specific parts of the face, say eyebrows, nose, mouth, etc. (maybe so others can develop their own animoji-esque apps?) that is not part of the Local Authentication API, but is available for developers to use.

    Are there separate ways to use TouchID outside of just Local Authentication API? Say for example, have a game where they use TouchID to do other actions besides authenticate? Or is TouchID part of the Local Authentication API only?
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    ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two
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    With as many questions as you ask do you even own an iPhone? Or do you just ask questions non stop and never buy?
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    You clearly don't read enough of my threads or posts. You'd know the answer to your own question.
    You can't buy what is not on sale yet ;)

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