can dust cause static electricity?


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Jun 5, 2003
I have talked with mac-warehouse (where I bought my computer). I tried to explain the problem with the "zapping" on my machine. Really hard to explain.
The computer is barely 2 years old.
The guy suggested that there could be alot of dust inside and dust moving around when the fan is moving can cause static electricity. Is this true?
He also wanted to know if there was a tv near by. I have a very small tv which I have on while on the computer. Could this cause any problems?
I'm going to take my machine in on Friday and have dust blown out of it. We do have ALOT of dust. Living next door to a horse arena, I could dust twice a day and still have alot of dust the next day.


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Jul 23, 2002
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I'm not sure I'd call it static electricity, But dust can cause electric arcing.

You need your machine cleaned out most likely. And may I suggest some sort of air filter in the room to pull the dust away from the computer?

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Dec 21, 2002
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Otherway around,static electricity attracts dust. Just blow out your machine or do as i do and get out the cue-tips every 6 months. Fans collect it and it accumulates. Just use common sense and safety precautions around electronics. If it bothers you then have someone do it.
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